More times than not when one of our North Lauderdale area customers experience a problem with their vehicle it remains driveable, enabling them to bring it to our North Lauderdale auto repair shop. For other Transmission Doctor drivers their car or truck may not start, be able to operate safely, or driving will risk further damage. In such a situation, no need to worry as Transmission Doctor in North Lauderdale can tow is happy to arrange towing for you.

When a vehicle is experiencing problems that may include but not be limited to low oil pressure, not starting, overheating, steering & suspension issues, transmission grinding, or other conditions that prevent driving to our North Lauderdale shop, North Lauderdale has you taken care of. Just give us a call to let us know your location and we can arrange to have your vehicle at our auto repair shop in North Lauderdale in no time at all and having our expert team of technicians working hard to get you back on the roads of North Lauderdale.

Transmission Doctor tells our customers that towing is not only for cars or trucks that do not start or operate as they should. Towing is recommended when a vehicle experiences oil or cooling related problems, or when the transmission is not operating as it should. These type of problems will often worsen quickly and in doing so result in continuing damage to the engine when the vehicle is being driven. Why take a chance on destroying a vehicle's transmission or engine by attempting to move it yourself - let Transmission Doctor do it for you! This would also apply to problems with steering or suspension issues. When a problem is seriousness enough, operating a vehicle may result in a situation such that not only is the vehicle safe to drive, but it places yourself and others on the road at danger as well in the event of an accident.

So your auto is need of a tow, please reach out to Transmission Doctor in North Lauderdale and let us be of assistance. Once towed to our shop, our team of mechanics will fix your problem(s) and get you back on the roads of the greater Broward County area. Why risk incurring more damage, or stress over driving your vehicle when Transmission Doctor has you taken care of!